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VOLUME 10 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gorobets B. S. , Dubinchuk V. T., Shamovskii L. M. , Luminescence and Electron-microscopic Investigation of Molecular Complexes in the NaCl:EuCl2 Crystal Phosphors. 41  (65)
     Mandzhavidze A. G., Kharadze R. A. , Temperature Dependence of the Pitch of the Magnetic Helix in Rare-earth Metals 44  (68)
     Rozhkov A. M. , Sinel'nikov K. N., Suprunenko V. A., Farenik V. I., Vlasov V. V. , Resonance Excitation of Ion-cyclotron Oscillations in a Rotating Plasma 46  (71)
     Volkenshtein N. V. , Ugodnikova L. A., Tsiovkin Yu. N. , Reversal of the Sign of the Low temperature Thermal Emf and the Kondo Effect 48  (75)
     Kondorskii E. I. , Vasil'eva R. P., Arkhipov Yu. N., Cherfimushkina A. V. , Investigation of the Normal and Anomalous Nernst-Ettinshausen Effects in Ferromagnetic Metals 49  (78)
     Ishkhanov B. S. , Kapitonov I. M., Lazutin E. V., Piskarev I. M., Shevchenko O. P. , Giant Dipole Resonance for the Nucleus 118Ta 51  (80)
     Konyukhov V. K. , Matrosov I. V. , Prokhorov A. M. , Shalunov D. T., Shirokov N. N. , Vibrational Relaxation of C02 and N2 Molecules in an Expanding Supersonic Gas Jet 53  (84)
     Berman I. V., Brandt N. B. , Superconductivity of Arsenic at High Pressures 55  (88)
     Vainshtein A. I., Ioffe B. L. , Divirgences of Amplitudes of Weak Nonleptonic Processes in the Theory with an Intermediate Boson 57  (91)
     Mel'nikov V. I., Rashba E.I. , Bound Polaron and Phonon States 60  (95)
     Zyryanov P.S., Okulov V. I. , Silin V. P. , Paramagnetic Absorption of Ultrasound (US) by Conduction Electrons in a Quantizing Magnetic Field 62  (98)
     Kadomtsev B. B., Pogutse D. P. , Plasma Diffusion in Stellarators 64  (101)
     Alekseev A. I., Evseev I. V. , Determination of the Level Widths of Gas Molecules by the Photon-echo Method 67  (105)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.