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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Krinchik S., Gushchin V. S., Ganshina E. A. , Spin-orbit Splitting of 0.7-eV Transition and Electron Structure of Ferromagnetic Nickel 31  (53)
     Kuznetsov E. I., Vinogradova N.D. , Measurement of Neutral Hydrogen Atom Concentration in the Plasma Pinch in the Tokamak TM-3 Machine 34  (59)
     Reznikov G. P., Fugol' I. Ya., Shevchenko Yu. F. , Low-frequency Intensity Oscillations of Helium-plasma Radiation at Low Temperatures 37  (64)
     Arsenin V. V. , Zhil'tsov V. A., Likhtenshtein V. Kh. , Chulnov V.A. , Suppression of Cyclotron Instabilaty of a Rarefied Plasma with the Aid of a Feedback System 41  (69)
     Kireev P. S., Kalugina L. I. , Registration of a Gamma-ray Pulse with a Semiconductirig Detector Based on Cadmium Telluride 44  (73)
     Goryachev B.I., Ishkhanov B. S., Kapitonov I.M., Piskarev I. M., Shevchenko V.G., Shevchenko O.P. , Photoneutron Cross Sections on Nickel Isotopes 46  (76)
     Dubinskkya L.S., Soskin V. A., Tagiev I. G., Farbshtein I. I. , Shalyt S.S. , Concerning the Shubnikov - de Haas Effect in Tellurium 47  (79)
     Lyubimov Yu. N., Mikhailov V. I., Gel'man V. I., Zatselyatin A. M. , Reduction of the Background Effect in Mass Spectroscopy of Molecular Beams 49  (82)
     Amus'ya M.Ya. , Highly Excited States of Atomic Nuclei 52  (86)
     Slobodetskii I. Sh. , Chukhovskii F. N. , Indenbom T. L. , X-ray Diffraction Under Conditions of the Spatially-inhomogeneous Dynamic Problem 55  (90)
     Doroshkevich A. G. , Zel'dovich Ya.B., Novikov I. D. , Neutrinos in Anisotropic Cosmological Solutions 58  (95)
     Ter-Mikaelyan M. L. , Influence of Multiple Scattering on Resonant Radiation. 61  (100)
     Blank A.Yu., Kondratenko P.S. , Magnetic Resonance in Antiferromagnetic Metals in a Magnetic Field 63  (103)
     Khalfin L. A. , Phenomenological Theory of K0 Mesons and the Non-exponential Character of the Decay 65  (106)
     Naida O.N. , On the possibility of Verifying the Equivalence Principle (for the Electromagnetic Field) in Second Order in the Newtonian Gravitational Constant 68  (110)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.