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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Darmanyan A. P. , Mitsuk V. E., Chernikov V. A. , Lowering of the Optical Breakdown Threshold in a Laser Focus by Superimposing a Microwave Field 71  (117)
     Varfolomeev A.P., Zakharchenya B.P., Seisyan R. P. , Observation of the Structure of Diamagnetic Excitons in the Electroabsorption Spectrum of Ge 74  (123)
     Arifov T. U. , Askar'an G.A., Tarasova N.M. , Ionizing Action of Radiation Due to Heating of Substance in the Focus of a Laser Beam and Production of a Plasma with High Degree of Ionization 77  (128)
     Lutskii V. N., Kulik L.A. , Features of Optical Characteristies of Bismuth Films Under Conditions of Quantum Size Effect 80  (133)
     Generalov N. A. , Kozlov G. I., Raizer Yu. P. , Effect of Strong Increase of Absorptivity of a Partly Ionized Gas at High Light Intensities 82  (138)
     Aref'ev I.M., Krivokhizha S. V., Kyzylasov Yu. I., Starunov V.S., Fabelinskii L. I. , Stimulated Raman Scattering and Generation of Infrared Radiation in Quartz at Low Temperatures 84  (142)
     Deryugin I.A., Zaporozhets V. V. , Line Shape of Nonlinear Ferromagnetic Resonance of Second Order 86  (145)
     Gorbunov A. N. , Investigation of the Reactions He4(γ, p)H3 and He4(γ, n)He3 88  (148)
     Basov Yu. G. , Connection Between Activation Energy of Thermal Dissociation of Molecules in the Gas Phase and the Bond-breaking Energy 93  (155)
     Shapiro I.S. , Fine Structure of Giant Resonances 95  (158)
     Mel'nikov V. I. , Oscillations of Absorption and Amplification of Ultrasound in Inelastic Scattering of Electrons 97  (162)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.