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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kuvatov K. G. , Okolovich V.N., Smirenkin G. N. , Angular Anisotropy of Fission of Nuclei Lighter than Gold by 40-MeV α Particles 171  (277)
     Tikhonov E. A., Shpak M. T. , Passive Q-Switching in Solid-State Lasers, Based on Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering of Light 173  (282)
     Aleksandrov A.Yu., Vartanov V.S., Ivanov A. I. , Makarov E. F. , Concentration Dependence of the Probability of the Mossbauer Effect in Alloying of Semiconductors 176  (286)
     Galkin A. A., Ignat'ev O.M. , Expermental Observation of Oscillatory Effects Upon Tunneling of Electrons in Al-Al2O3-Bi1-xSbx Film Junctions at Various Pressures 178  (290)
     Sklyarevskii V.V., Smirnov G.V., Artemiev A.N., Sestak B., Kadesckova S. , Bragg Scattering of Mossbauer Gamma Radiation by an Ideal Crystal 181  (295)
     Alekceevskii N.E., Egorov V.S. , Magnetic Breakdown in Beryllium. The de Haas - van Alphen Effect 185  (301)
     Basov N.G., Bashkin A. S. , Determination of the Constants of Hyperfine Interaction between Deuterium Nuclei and the Intermolecular fields in the N14D3 Molecule. 188  (306)
     Korneev N. E. , Pavlov Yu. I. , High-power Single-mode Ruby Laser 190  (309)
     Morgulis N.D., Korchevoi Yu. P. , Determination of the Ionic Composition of an Arc-discharge Plasma in Cesium Vapor 192  (313)
     Kurylev V. V. , Logginov A. S., Senatorov K. Ya. , Superradiance Spectra of Injection Lasers and Distribution of Inhomogeneities Along a p-n Junction 194  (317)
     Genkin V. M., Genkin G. M. , Raman Scattering of Light by Spin Waves in Nonferromagnetic Metals 196  (321)
     Natsik V. D. , Radiation of Sound by a Dislocation Emerging to the Surface of a Crystal 198  (324)
     Gor'kov L. P., Eliashberg G. M. , Superconducting Alloys in a Rapidly Alternating Magnetic Field of Large Amplitude 202  (329)
     Zatsepin G.I. , Probability of Determining the Upper Limit of the Neutrino Mass from the Time of Flight 205  (333)
     Kolybasov V. M. , Smorodinskaya N. Ya. , Theoretical Analysis of Reactions of the (p, pd) Type 206  (335)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.