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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Novgorodov M. Z. , Sviridov A. G., Sobolev N. N. , Electron Energy Distribution in Discharges used for C02 Lasers 211  (341)
     Andriakhin V.M., Velikhov E. P. , Golubev S. A. , Krasil'nikov S. S., Prokhorov A. M., Pis'mennyi V. D. , Rakhimov A. T. , Increase of CO2 Laser Power under the Influence of a Beam of Fast Protons 214  (346)
     Sokolova G. K. , Samokhvalov A. A. , Rodionov K. P., Afanas'ev A.Ya. , Effect of Hydrostatic Compression on the Curie Temperature of EuO Alloyed with Gadolinium 217  (350)
     Shchegolev I. F. , Buravov L. I. , Zvarykina A. V. , Lyubovskii R.B. , Conduction Mechanism of Highly-conducting Organic Complexes Based on TCNQ. 218  (353)
     Bruk Z. M., Voron'ko Yu. K., Maksimova G.V., Osiko V. V. , Prokhorov A.M., Shpilov K. F., Shcherbakov I. A. , Optical Properties and Stimulated Emission of Nd3+ in Fluor-apatite 221  (357)
     Kreindel' Yu. E. , Ponomareva L. P., Shivyrtalov M. T., Shchanin P. M. , Microtron with Plasma Injector 223  (361)
     Carlov N. V., Petrov Yu. N. , Stel'makh O.M. , Control of the Frequency of a CO3 Laser by a Boron Trichloride Filter 224  (363)
     Agan'yants A.O., Bayukov Yu. D., Vorob'ev L. S., Deza V.N., Donskov S. V. , Ivanova N. A., Kolybasov V. M., Leksin G. A. , Stolin V. L. , Fedorov V. B., Khovanskii V. D. , Investigation of the Mechanism of the Reaction C12-, π-p)B11 at 1.04GeV/c Momentum. 226  (366)
     Velyukhov G. E. , Searches for the Gravitational Moment of the Proton 229  (372)
     Sanadze T. I., Khutsishvili G.R. , Concerning Discrete Saturation in Inhomogeneously Broadened EPR Lines 232  (376)
     Askar'yan G.A. , Production of High-energy Particles by Acceleration of a Plasma Scattering, a Strong Beam of Fast Electrons 234  (380)
     Ioffe I. V., Shender E. F. , Flexure-drift Resonance in Semiconductors 237  (384)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.