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VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Voitovetskii V. K., Korsunskii I. L., Novikov A. I.,Pazhin Yu. F. , Observation of the Suppression of the Inelastic Channel of a Nuclear Reaction in Resonant Nuclear Scattering of Gamma Rays in a Perfect Single Crystal 91  (149)
     Korobkin V. V., Prokhorov A. M., Serov R. V., Shchelev M. Ya. , Self-focusing Filaments as a Result of the Motion of Focal Points 94  (153)
     Veduta A. P., Galanin M. D., Kirsanov B. P., Chizhikova Z. A. , Two-quantum Anti-Stokes Processes in the Excitation of Dyes 96  (157)
     Asnin V. M., Rogachev A. A., Sablina N. I. , Giant Fluctuations of Photocurrent in Germanium 99  (162)
     Tonapetyan S. G., Konovalov . G., Derebchinskii A. I., Zybalov A. A., Khvorostya V. M., Goncharov N. V., Gol 'dshtein V. A., Polarization of Protons Produced in Interactions Between 650 - 840 MeV Photons and Li7 and C12 Nuclei 101  (165)
     Korobkin V. V., Malyutin A. A., Shchelev M. Ya. , Dynamics of Radiation and Spectrum Changes of a Neodymium Laser with Self Locking of Axial Modes 103  (168)
     Belozerskii G. N., Gitsovich V. N., Murin A. N., Khimich Yu. P., Yakovlev Yu. M. , Determination of the Parameters of Quadrupole Interaction in Yttrium Iron Garnets 106  (173)
     Zverev G. M., Levchuk E. A., Maldutis E. K., Pashkov V. A. , Thermal Self-focusing of Laser Radiation in Media with Negative dn/dT 108  (177)
     Fal'kovskii L. A. , Susceptibility and Heat Capacity of a Metal Plate 111  (181)
     Eliashberg G. M. , Film Superconductivity Stimulated by a High-frequency Field 114  (186)
     Latypov Z. Z., Fedorenko N. V., Flaks I. P., Shaporenko A. A. , Investigation of the Process of Resonant Charge Exchange in the He4-He System 116  (189)
     Abilov G. S., Baibakov V. I. , Amplification of Helicons in InSb by an Electron Beam 118  (192)
     Raizer Yu. P. , The Feasibility of an Optical Plasmotron and Its Power Requirements 120  (195)
     Lifshitz E. M., Khalatnikov I. M. , Oscillatory Approach to Singular Point in the Open Cosmological Model 123  (200)
     Millionshchikov M. D. , Structure of the Turbulent-viscosity Coefficient for an Isotropic Turbulence 125  (203)
     Pokrovskii V. L., Uimin G. V. , On the Feasibility of Orbital Magnetism 128  (206)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.