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VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Troitskii Yu. V. , Reflecting Interferometer Based on a Matched Metallic Film 183  (281)
     Kornilov E. A., Nekrashevich S. A., Fainberg Ya. B., Shokhovtsov N. A. , Investigation of Resistive Instability Excited by an Electron Beam in a Solid State Plasma 185  (284)
     Gindin I. A., Lazarev B. G., Lebedev V. P., Starodubov Ya. D. , Influence of the Superconducting State on the Creep of Metals 188  (288)
     Blagoi Yu. P., Sokhan V. I., Pavlichenko L. A. , Hydrostatic Effect in a Binary Solution Near the Critical Dissolution Point 190  (291)
     Korolev F. A., Baskakova Z. A., Zakharova T. S., Odintsov V. I. , Excitation of SRS in Liquids upon Q Switching of a Laser by the Investigated Substance 193  (295)
     Bekshtein G. E., Sagdeev R. Z. , Anomalous Resistance of a Plasma in the Case of Ion-acoustic Turbulence 194  (297)
     Zel'dovich Ya. B. , "Mixmaster Universe" and the Cold Variant 197  (300)
     Talanov V. I. , Focusing of Light in Cubic Media 199  (303)
     Band I. M., Sliv L. A., Trzhaskovskaya M. B. , Region of Formation of Internal Conversion Coefficients on High Shells of the Atom 201  (306)
     Geshkenbein B. V., Ioffe B. L. , Estimate of the Contribution of Terms of Order e2G to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon 204  (309)
     Laperashvili L. V. , Amplitude of Scattering of a Non-vacuum Reggeon by a Particle 206  (312)
     Chernin A. D. , Turbulence in an IsotropiÓ Universe 210  (317)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.