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VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Andreev D.S., Gusinskii G.M., Krokhina K. I., Kudoyarov M.S., Lemberg I.Kh., Chugunov I .N. , Quadrupole Moment of the 11Cd Nucleus in the First Excited State 247  (369)
     Gaponov S.V., Goncharov A.G., Kraftmakher G.A., Khanin Ya.K. , Obtaining a Giant Pulse in a Solid-state Laser with the Aid of Organic Solvents 248  (370)
     Edel'man V.S., Cheremisin S.M. , Linewidth of Cyclotron Resonance in Bismuth 250  (373)
     Apollonov V.V., Bykovskii Yu.A., Degtyarenko N.N., Elesin V .F., Kozyrev Yu.P., Sil'nov S.M. , Production of Multiply-charged Ions by Interaction Between a Powerful Laser Pulse and a Solid 252  (377)
     Kaminskii A.S., Pokrovskii Ya.E. , Recombination Radiation of the Condensed Phase of Nonequilibrium Carriers in Silicon 255  (381)
     Kurnosov V.D., Lapitskaya G.A., Pleshkov A. A., Rivlin L. A., Trukhan V.G. , Radio-frequency Instability a Semiconductor Laser with Inhomogeneous Injection 258  (385)
     Bobashev S.V. , Observation of Regular Oscillations of the Total Cross Section for the Excitation of Ne Resonance Lines in Collisions with Na+ Ions 260  (389)
     Mitina N. I., Padalka V.G., Stepanov K.N. , Incoherent Reflection of Light by a Metal 262  (391)
     Popkov Yu.A., Fomin V.I., Beznosikov B.V. , Two-magnon Scatterinig of Light in Antiferromagnetic KMnF3 264  (394)
     Kancheli O.V. , Inelastic Differential Cross Sections at High energies and Duality 267  (397)
     Avdeichikov V.V., Luzhkin O.V., Perfilov N .A. , Subbarrier Alpha Particles Emitted by Nuclei with Large Angular Momenta 270  (401)
     Bulaevskii L.N., Ginzburg V.L. , Structure of Domain Wall in Weak Ferromagnets 272  (404)
     Kulik I.O. , Flux Quantization in a Normal Metal 275  (407)
     Fainberg Ya.B., Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I. , Nonlinear Waves in a Relativistic Electron Beam 277  (410)
     Dumbrais O.V., Queen N.M. , Possible Verification of the Pomeranchuk Theorem in Kd Interactions 280  (414)
     Veselago V.G., Glushkov M.V., Leonov Yu.S., Shotov A.P. , Temperature Dependence of Mobility and Longitudinal Magnetoresistance of p-Ge in a Strong Magnetic Field 282  (416)
     Silin V.P. , ParamagnetiÓ Structure Due to Exchange Interaction of Electrons in a Metal 284  (419)
     Gulyaev Yu.V., Zil'berman P. E. , "Superheterodyne" Amplification of Ultrasound in Semiconductors 286  (421)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.