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VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Derkacheva L.D., Krymova A.I., Sopina N.P. , Obtaining the Second Harmonic of a Neodymium Glass Laser in Dye Powders 319  (469)
     Zubkov L.A., Rozhdestvenskaya N.B., Khromov A. S. , Structure of Depolarized Component of Scattered Light in α-Chloronaphthalene 321  (473)
     Zagorodnikov S.P., Smolkin G.E., Striganova E.A., Sholin G.V. , Determination of the Turbulence Level in a Collisionless Magnetosonic Shock Wave by Measuring the Stark Broadening of the Balmer Hβ line 323  (475)
     Eremenko V.V., Novikov V.P. , Davydov Splitting of Exciton Line in AntiferromagnetiÓ RbMnF3 326  (478)
     Zhabotinskii M.E., Mefed A.E., Rodak M.I. , Observation of a Single Nuclear Spin-Spin Reservoir in a Crystal With Two Nuclear Spin Types 328  (482)
     Balabanov V.N., Bulgakov A.A., Chernets A.N. , Hypersound Absorption in Diamond 331  (486)
     Smirenkin G.H., Shpak D.L., Ostapenko Yu.B., Furson B. I. , Angular Anisotropy and Spin of the Target Nucleus in (n, f) Reactions 333  (489)
     Prokoshkin A.F., Puzei I .M. , Connection Between the Superconducting Properties of the Ti-Nb-Fe Alloy and the Parameters of the NGR Spectra 336  (493)
     Zel'dovich Ya.B., Levich E. V. , Plasma Heating by Opposing Beams of Coherent Radiation 339  (497)
     Arsenin V.V. , Possibility of Heating Ions in a PIasma by Exciting, Drift-beam Instability with a Feedback System 342  (500)
     Kudryavtsev V.G., Ryazanov M.I. , Photon Emission by Fast Charged Particles in a Single Crystal 344  (503)
     Choban E.A. , Production of Neutral Vector Mesons in the Processes e- + e+ → ρ000) + γ 346  (505)
     Kemoklidze M. P., Pitaevskii L. P. , Nonlinear Passage of Electromagnetic Waves Through a Pure Metal 348  (508)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.