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VOLUME 11 | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Vylegzhanin D.N., Kaminskii A.A. , Manifestation of Electron-phonon Interaction in the Lasing of a Crystal with Nd3+ 393  (569)
     Deryugin I. A., Mykityuk V. I ., Solomko A.A., Radchik V.N. , Interaction of Laser Radiation with Yttrium Iron Garnet in a Parametric Excitation of Spin Waves 396  (573)
     Akhvlediani Z.G., Politov N.G., Trakhbrot B.M. , Local Oscillations in KCl Crystals with Hydrogen Centers 398  (576)
     Smirnov S.V., Sklyarevskii V.V., Artem'ev A.N. , Investigation of Suppressed Nuclear Absorption of Resonant γ Rays under Laue-Diffraction Conditions. Effect of Oscillations of the Reflection Intensity 400  (579)
     Andrianov A.M., Demichev V. F., Eliseev G. A., Levit P.A. , Production of 3-MOe Pulsed MagnetiÓ Fields by Discharging a Capacitor Bank 402  (582)
     Kornienko L.S., Kravtsov N.V., Lariontsev E. G., Naumkin N . I. , Ruby Laser with Optical Delay Line Inside the Resonator 404  (585)
     Bocharov E.P., Trubetskov D.I., Shevchik V.N. , ParametriÓ "Cooling" of a Slow Cyclotron Wave of an Electron Beam in Crossed Fields 406  (588)
     Demikhovskii V. Ya., Protogenov A. P. , New Type of Quantum Electromagnetic Waves in a Strong Magnetic Field 409  (591)
     Varshalovich A. D., D'yakonov M. I. , Concerning the Effect of Schwarz and Hora 411  (594)
     Chuyanov V. A. , Possibility of Stabilizing Flute Instability of a Plasma with the Aid of Controlled Electron Beams 414  (598)
     Ryskin M.G. , Interaction of Neutrino with Nuclei at High Energies 416  (600)
     Balkarei Yu.I. , Phase Transitions Induced in a Crystal by the Field of a Strong Electromagnetic Wave 419  (603)
     Breizman B.N., Ryutov D. D. , Influence of Inhomogeneity of Plasma on the Relaxation of an Ultrarelativistic Electron Beam 421  (606)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.