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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Aleksandrov A.S., Bykovskii Yu.A., Elesin V.F., Protasov E.A., Rodionov A.G. , Spectral Oscillations of Photocurrent in Indium Antimonide, Due to Absolute Negative Conductivity in a Quantizing Magnetic field 41  (57)
     Pakhomycheva L. N., Sviridenkov E.A., Suchkov A.F., Titova L.V., Churilov S.S. , Line Structure of Generation Spectra of Lasers with Inhomogeneous Broadening of the Amplification Line 43  (60)
     Bisnovatyi-Kogan G. S., Zel'dovich Ya.B., Syunyaev R.A. , Equilibrium Concentration of Positrons in an Optically Thin Relativistic Plasma 45  (64)
     Eremenko V.V., Litvinenko Yu.G., Myatlik V.I. , Attenuation of Light Absorption in Antiferromagnetic FeCO3 by a Magnetic Field 47  (66)
     Bakai A.S., Kornilov E.A., Krivoruchko A.M. , Excitation of Ion-acoustic Waves by Langmuir Waves and Stationary Regimes in a Beam-plasma System 49  (69)
     Izmailov A.M., Ivanov B.I., Mitin L.A., Shapiro V.D., Shevcnenko V.I. , Experimental Investigation of Induced Scattering of Plasma Oscillations in a Strong Magnetic Field 51  (73)
     Krasnopolin I.Ya., Khaikin M.S. , Temperature Dependence of the Position and Line Width of Cyclotron Resonance in Lead 54  (76)
     Shil'shtein S.Sh., Marukhin V.I.,Kalanov M., Somenkov V.A., Sysoev L.A. , Anomalous Transmission of Neutrons in a Perfect CdS Crystal 56  (80)
     Andriakhin V.M., Vasil'nov V.V., Krasil'nikov S.S., Pis'mennyi V.D., Khvostionov V.E. , Radiation of Hg-He3 Gas Mixture Bombarded by a Neutron Stream 58  (83)
     Mitrofanov K.P., Plotnikova V.M., Rokhlov N.I., Shpinel' V.S. , Observation of Interference of the Photoeffect and Internal Conversion in Resonant Absorption of M1 Gamma Quanta by Sn119 60  (85)
     Artsimovich L.A., Gorbunov E.P., Petrov M.P. , Ion Lifetime in the Tokamak-3 Machine 62  (89)
     Mirnov S.V. , Experiments with Large Values of βI in Tokamak-3 64  (92)
     Basov N.G., Danileiko M.V., Nikitin V.V. , Investigation of the Rotational-vibrational Transition of the Methane Line for the Stabilization of an He-Ne Laser Frequency at λ = 3.39μ 66  (95)
     Gross E.F., Kreingold F. I. , Biexcitoh in Cu2O Crystal 68  (98)
     Boiko L.G., Popova S.V. , Crystal Structure and Superconducting Properties of Tantalum Nitride Obtained at High Pressures 70  (101)
     Krylov I.P., Sharvin Yu.V. , Observation of "Andreev" Reflection of Electrons from the Boundary Between a Normal and Superconducting Phase, Using the Radio-frequency Size Effect 71  (102)
     Prozorova L. A., Kotyuzhanskii B.Ya. , Biresonant Frequency Doubling by an Antiferromagnet 73  (105)
     Antsiferova L. I., Lazarev A.V., Siryukov V.B. , Influence of Rotational Diffusion on the Paramagnetic Resonance Line Shape 75  (108)
     Aleshkevich V.A., Sukhorukov A.P. , Deflection of Powerful Light Beams by Wind in Absorbing Media 77  (112)
     Zakharov S.D., Krokhin O.N., Kryukov P.G., Tyurin E.L. , Electron-ion Relaxation in a Plasma Produced by Ultrashort Laser Pulses 80  (115)
     Pitaevskii L. P. , Second Branch of the Spectrum of Elementary Excitations in Liquid He4 82  (118)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.