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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ovchinnikov S. S., Kalinichenko S. S., Shvets O. M., Tolok V. T. , Excitation of Ion Cyclotron Waves in a Plasma in a Toroidal Magnetic Trap 187  (277)
     Bobashev S. V., Kritskii V. A. , Oscillations of Excitation Function of Helium Resonance Line and Interference of Two Vacant States in Collisions of Na+ Ions with Helium 189  (280)
     Prozorov O. N., Rivlin L. A.,Yakubovich S. D. , Extended Semiconductor Laser with Radiating Lattice 190  (282)
     Grasyuk A. I., Popovichev V. I., Ragul'skii V.V., Faizullov F. S. , Increase of Radiation Brightness in a Brillouin Laser 193  (286)
     Berlovich E. E., Golubev O. M., Novikov Yu. N. , Two-neutron decay of Nuclei 195  (289)
     Ekimov A. I., Safarov V. I. , Optical Orientation of Carriers in Interband Transitions in Semiconductors 198  (293)
     Karasik V. R., Vereshchagin V. G., Nikitina G. T., Rusinov A. I. , Instabilities Arising in a Force-free Current Flow in the Superconducting Alloy T i - 22 at. 201  (297)
     Polyakova G. N., Erko V.F., Zats A.V., Fogel' Ya. M. , Deviation from the Franck-Condon Principle upon Population of the Vibrational Levels of the A2π State of CO+ Ions Produced by Collisions of Electrons with CO Molecules 204  (303)
     Alekseev V. A., Ovcharenko V. G., Ryzhkov Yu. F., Senchenkov A. P. , Equation of State of Cesium at Pressures 20 - 600 atm and Temperatures 500 - 2500° C 207  (306)
     Didenko A. I., Vorob'ev S. A., Tsekhanovskii I. A. , Channeling of Positions in Single Crystals 209  (310)
     Tunitskii N.N., Zhurkin E. S., Tikhomirov M. V. , Influence of Excitation of H+2 and D+2 on the Cross Section for Their Dissociation in Collisions with Atoms and Molecules in the Energy Region from 0.1 to 2 keV 210  (312)
     Voitovetskii V.K., Korsunskii I. L., Pazhin Yu. F., Silakov R. S. , Resonant Bragg Scattering of Gamma Rays by Nuclei in High Orders of Reflection and Production of Directed Beams of Pure Mossbauer Radiation 212  (314)
     Buishvili L. L., Giorgadze N. P. , On the Possibility of Polarizing Nuclei with Ultrasound 215  (318)
     Isaenko L. F., Maiorov L. V., Shcheglov D. A. , Penetration of Neutral Atoms into a Cylindrical Plasma Pinch 217  (320)
     Achasov N. I., Shestakov G. N. , Influence of ρ0-ω Mixing on the Spin Density Matrix of the ω Meson in the Reactions π N → ω N and π N → ωΔ 218  (323)
     Khrylin B. A. , Estimate of Λ N Interaction in the p State 221  (327)
     Ryndin R. M. , Verification of Vector Dominance 223  (329)
     Uimin G. V. , One-dimensional Problem for S = 1 with Modified Antiferromagnetic Hamiltonian 225  (332)
     Kuz'min V.A. , CP-noninvairiance and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 228  (335)
     Pekar S. I., Pina V. I., Piskovoi V. N. , Instability of Inhomogeneous beformation and of Carrier Density in a Semiconductor, Induced by a deformation Potential 230  (338)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.