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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gershenzon E.M., Pevin N.M., Fogel'son M.S. , Combined Resonance on Bound Carriers in Compensated n-Ge 139  (201)
     Alekseev A.S., Bagaev V.S., Galkina T.I., Gogolin O.V., Penin N.A., Semenov A.N., Stopachiskii V.G. , Emission of Interacting Excitons in Ge on Strong Magnetic Fields 140  (203)
     Al'shin B.I., Astrov D.N., Tishchenko A.V., Petrov S.V. , Magnetoelectric Effect in BaCoF4 142  (206)
     Voronova I.V., Mikhailov N.N., Skvortsov A.I. , Reversible Change of Superconducting Transition Temperature of U6Fe Induced by Neutron Irradiation 145  (209)
     Zyuz' L.N., Kiv A.E., Niyazova O.R., Umarova F.T. , Photostimulated Diffusion in Silicon 147  (213)
     Korobkin V.V., Malyutin A.A., Prokhorov A.M. , Phase Self-modulation and Self-focusing of Neodymium Laser Radiation with Mode Locking 150  (216)
     Lagunov V.A., Polozenko V.I., Stepanov V.A. , Quadrupole Broadening of the Mossbauer Line of Fe57 in Deformed Copper 153  (220)
     Bogod Yu.A., Verkin B.I., Krasovitskii Vit.B. , Influence of Boundaries on the Electric and Galvanomagnetic Properties of Sb 155  (224)
     Alekseevskii N.E., Zakosarenko V.M., Tsebro V.I. , Superconductivity of Au-Ge Films Obtained by Evaporating the Alloy with a Laser Pulse 157  (228)
     Gachechiladze N.A., Keshishev K.O., Shal'nikov A.I. , Measurement of Carrier Mobility in Liquid Hydrogen 159  (231)
     Keshishev K.O., Mezhov-Deglin L.P., Shal'nikov A.I. , Carrier Mobility in He4 Crystals 160  (234)
     Oparin V.A., Il'in R.N., Serenkov I.T., Solov'ev E.S., Fedorenko N.V. , Determination of the Electron Binding Energy in the Negative Ion He- by Detaching the Electron with an Electric Field 162  (237)
     Tsarev V.A. , Influence of Plastic Deformation on the Thermal Conductivity of Ferromagnetic CrBr3 165  (242)
     Gudzenko L.I., Zemtsov Yu.K., Yakovlenko S.I. , Amplification of Vacuum-ultraviolet Radiation in a Decaying Dense Helium Plasma 167  (244)
     Bezuglyi P.A., Denisenko V.P., Fil' V.D., Gorodinskii V.F. , Influence of Magnetic Field on the Absorption of Ultrasound by Superconducting Tin in the Intermediate State 169  (249)
     Ganapol'skii E.M. , Acoustinc Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn3+ in Corundum 172  (251)
     Kuskova N.V., Matizen E.V. , Viscosity of Solution Near the Critical Mixing Point 174  (255)
     Gross E.F., Il'inskii A.V., Novikov B.V., Sokolov N.S. , Kinetic Properties of Excitons and Germanium Photoconductivity Spectra 177  (259)
     Baramidze G.A., Saralidze Z.K. , Dependence of the Cristical Current on the Dislocation Density 179  (263)
     Rakhmanov S.Ya. , Possibility of Complete Dragging of Electrons in a Semimetal by a Longitudinal Ultrasonic Wave 181  (266)
     Margulis V.A. , Giant Quantum Oscillations of Sound Absorption by a Metal Film in a Magnetic Field 184  (269)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.