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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Ivakhno V.N., Nasledov D.N. , Concerning the Dependence of the Quantum Yield of the Photoeffectin InSb on the Photon Energy 235  (345)
     Zatsepin G., Pontecorvo B. , Concerning One Experimental Possibility in Neutrino Astronomy 236  (347)
     Budnev V.M., Ginzburg I.F., Meledin G.V., Serbo V.G. , Production of Muon Pairs in Interactions of Hadrons of High Energy 238  (349)
     Arfe'ev I.M., Biryukov V.N. , Stimulated Mandel'htam-Brillouin Scattering in the Regioin of the Critical Lamination Point of Solutions 240  (352)
     Bonch-Bruevich A.M., Kostin N.N., Khodovoi V.A., Khromov V.V. , Passive Q Switching and Stabilization of a Ruby-laser Frequency with Molecular Rubidium Vapor 242  (354)
     Arkhipov V.E., Men'shikov A.Z., Sidorov S. K. , Effect of Small-angle Magnetic Scattering of Neutrons in Iron-Nickel Alloys 243  (356)
     Petrov M.P., Pashin V.F., Paugurt A.P. , Influence of Parallel Pumping on the Nuclear Echo in Yttrium Iron Garnet 246  (359)
     Karlov N. V., Kuz'min G. P., Prokhorov A.M. , Thermal Self-focusing and Breakdown Induced in NaCl, KBr, and Csl Crystals by CO2-laser Radiation 248  (363)
     Akopyan I . Kh., Gross E. F., Razbirin B. S. , Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons in a CdSe Crystal 251  (366)
     Bakos J ., Kantor J., Kiss A. , Three-photbn Ionization of a Helium Atom in the Excited 2S State 255  (371)
     Babaev Z.R. , Constancy of Total Cross Sections at High Energies and K-meson Charge Exchange 257  (374)
     Arutyunyan I.N., Askar'yan G. A. , Multiphoton Processes Induced by Powerful Intense Light in the Presence of External Electric Fields. Detection of Ions in Media 259  (378)
     Syunyaev R.A. , Stationary Relativistic Gas in Cosmic Objects and Background in 1 - 20 MeV Region 262  (381)
     Gnedin Yu.N., Dolginow A.Z. , Origin of the X-radiation of the Metagalaxy 264  (383)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.