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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Litvinenko A.S., Shevchenko N.G., Afanas'ev N.S., Buki A.Yu., Kondrat'ev R.L., Savitskii G.A., Khvastunov V .M., Khomich A. A., Shostak V.V., Electron-scattering Study of the Change of the Charge Radii of Nuclei or Iron and Nickel Isotopes 269  (389)
     Pautov D.M., Shepilov M.P. , Resonant Character of the Change of the Surface Self-diffusion Energy of Tungsten in Strong Electric Fields 271  (393)
     Morozov A. I ., Zemlyanitsyn M.A. , Acousto-electronic Interaction in CdS for Pure Shear Surface Waves 273  (396)
     Koval'skiya V. A., Ferdman N. A ., Leonov E . I., Orlov V. M., Groyunova N .A ., Pyshkin S. L., Padautsan S. I. , Photocurrent Instability and Multiphoton Processes in CdSnP2 275  (399)
     Akulov V.P. , Concerning the \bar{\nu}e Scattering Process 278  (403)
     Cheishvili O.D. , Fluctuation Conductivity of Tunnel Junctions 279  (404)
     Onishchenko I.N., Linetskii A.R., Matsiborko N.G., Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I. , Contribution to the Nonlinear Theory of Excitation of a Monochromatic Plasma Wave by an Electron Beam 281  (407)
     Rumyantsev B.A. , Energy Spectra of Particles Observed in Reactions Proceeding via a Compound Nucleus 285  (411)
     Anisimov S. I. , Self-similar Thermal Wave in a Two-temperature Plasma Heated by a Laser Pulse 287  (414)
     Ritus V.I. , Mass Operator and Exact Green's Function of an Electron in an Intense Field 289  (416)
     Vekshtein G. E., Ryutov D. D., Sagdeev R.Z. , Asymptotic Solution in the Problem of Anomalous Plasma Resistance 291  (419)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.