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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Shneerson G. A. , Magnitude of the Supestrong Magnetic Field Produced in Self-destructive Single-turn Solenoids 315  (453)
     Afrosimov V.V., Gordeev Vu.S., Lavrov V.M., Shchemelinin S.G. , Relative Role of Various Ionization Processes in Slow Collisions of K+ Ions with Inert-gas Atoms 317  (455)
     Goryunova N.A., Leonov E.I ., Orlov V.M., Rodionov L.F., Sondaevskii V.P. , Current Instabililty in CdSnP2 319  (459)
     Konyukhov V.K., Matrosov I.V., Prokhorov A.M., Shalunov D.T., Shirokov N.N. , Gasdynamic CW Laser Using a Mixture of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Water 321  (461)
     Gol'danskii V.I., Novikov G.V., Mikhailov A.I., Trukhtanov V.A., Abdrashitov E.F. , Influence of Cross Relaxation Processes on the γ Resonance Spectra of Fe57 323  (464)
     Zalesskii A.V. , NMR of Fei57 in Yttrium Orthoferrite Single Crystals 326  (468)
     Terent'ev A. A., Tsinoev V. G. , Mossbauer Effect in the Compounds Pt3Cr and Au4Mn 328  (471)
     Basov H.G., Danilychev V.A., Popov Yu.M., Khodkevich D.D. , Laser Operating in the Vacuum Region of the Spectrum by Excitation of Liquid Xenon with an Electron Beam 329  (473)
     Izrailenko A.I., Kovrigin A.I., Nikles P.V. , Parametric Generation of Light in High-efficiency Nonlinear LiO3 and α-HIO3 Crystals 331  (475)
     Lugovoi V.N., Prokhorov A.M. , Spectrum of the Field of Moving Focal Regions 333  (478)
     Babaev Z.R., Margvelashvili P. l. , Regeneration of K° Mesons on a Deuteron at High Energies 337  (483)
     Rozanov V. B. , Feasibility of Producing an Inverted Medium by Photoionzation of the Inner Electrons in Atoms 340  (486)
     Grishin A.M., Lyubimov O.I. , Rayleigh Sound Field Bursts in a Metal in a Magnetic Field 342  (489)
     Okulov V.I., Bagaev V.N. , Static Distributions of Magnetization of an Electron Liquid in a Quntizing Magnetic Field 345  (493)
     Levinson I .B. , Bound States of an Electron and a Phonon in a Strong Magnetic Field 347  (496)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.