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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gross E.F., Agekyan V.T. , Polarizability of Exciton and Effect of the Reversal of the Magnetic Field in the Spectrum of the Yellow Exciton Series of a Crystal 373  (605)
     Voitovetskii V.K., Korsunskii I.L., Pazhin Yu.F. , Experimental Observation of the Suppression of the Inelastic Channel of a Nuclear Reaction in the interaction of Resonant Gamma Radiation with Nuclei and Electrons in a Single Crystal 376  (611)
     Grigor'eva L.I., Smerdov B. I., Stepanov K. N., Fetisov B.A., Chechkin V.V. , Observation of Plasma Instability in a Strong Alternating Electric Field 379  (616)
     Afanas'ev A.M., Kagan Yu. M. , Stabilization of Hyperfine Structure of the Mosbauer Line in Paramagnets in a Weak External Magnetic Field 382  (620)
     Gorobchenko V.D., Lukashevich I.I., Sklyarevskii V. V., Tsitskishvili V.D., Filippov N.I. , Observation of the Effect of Stabilization of the Hyperfine Structure of Trivalent Fe57 in Corundum by a Weak External Magnetic Field 386  (625)
     Shvets O.M., Kalinichenko S.S., Kurilko V.I., Miroshnichenko G. A. , Heating of Plasma Ions by an External Stochastic Field. 388  (629)
     Chernin A.D. , Characteristic Cosmological Length 391  (633)
     Chakraborti B. , Nonlinear Deviations of the Direction of a Reflected Wave in Vacuum at a Plasma Boundary. 393  (636)
     Shabalin E.P. , Mechanism of Generation of Muons of Ultrahigh Energy, with Nearly Isotropic Azimutahl Distribution by Cosmic Rays 395  (639)
     Khalfin L.A., Shcherbin Yu.P. , Electromagnetic Radius of the Pion 397  (642)
     Galkin A.A., Zavadskii E.A., Morozov E.M. , New Magnetic Transformation in the System Mn2FeySb1-y 400  (646)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.