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VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Koidan V.S., Papyrin A.N., Ponomarenko A.G., Yablochnikov B.A. , Dynamic Characteristic of a Straight Turbulent Plasma 241  (389)
     Grinberg A.A., Kramer N.I., Patrin A.A., Ryvkin S.M., Fistul' V.I., Fishman I.M., Yaroshetskii I.D. , Light Scattering by Charged Centers in Semiconductors Without Inversion Center 244  (394)
     Sabirov L.M., Stasrunov V.S., Fabelinskii I.L. , Structure of Line of Thermal Scattering of Light, and Propagation of Longitudinal and Transverse Hypersound in Glasses 246  (399)
     Zdan A.G., Ozheredov A.D., Elinson M.I., Messerer M.A. , Extinction of Frozen-in Conductivity by an Electric Field 249  (402)
     Klyukin L.M., Fabrikov V.A., Khromov A.V. , Spatial Resolution in Thermal Recording of Optical Images on Thin Ferromagnetic Films 251  (406)
     Morozov V.M., Nikitin V.V., Samoilov V.D. , Hysteresis of Radiation Power of Gallium-Arsenide Injection Laser 254  (410)
     Savchenko M.M., Stepanov V. K. , Experimental Investigation of Self-insulation of Bodies in a Medium Against Intense Light 256  (414)
     Akhmanov A.G., Rivlin L.A., Shil'dyaev V.S. , Optically initiated Directed Electric Breakdown in a Gas 258  (417)
     Khvastunov V.M., Afanas'ev N.G., Afanas'ev V.D., Kul-Kul'karov I.S., Omelaenko A.S., Savitskii G.A., Khomich A.A., Shevchenko N.G. , Elastic Scattering of Electrons by Nikel and Tin Isotopes 259  (420)
     Borovik-Romanov A.S., Meshcheryakov V.F , Splitting of Antiferromagnetic Resonance Spectrum in CoCO3 262  (425)
     Gudzenko L.I., Moroz E.M. , Acceleration of Plasma by Its Own Radiation 265  (430)
     Tyagai V.A., Kolbasov G.A., Luk'yanchikova N.B. , Applicability of the Fluctuation-dissipation Theorem to a Description of Nonequilibrium Noise of Semiconductor Diodes 267  (4333)
     Roginskii V.I. , Group Interpretation of the Complex Spin 269  (437)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.