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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Roinishvili N.N., Tatalashvili N.G. , One- and Two-center Processes in Inelastic Interactions at Energies Above 100 GeV 1  (3)
     Kartashev K.B., Pistunovich V.I., Platonov V.V., Ryutov V.D., Filimonova E.A. , Observation of Fast Electrons Produced by Injection of a Plasmoid into a Transverse Magnetic Field 3  (7)
     Anoshin A.I., Bashindzhagyan G.L., Bel'zer L.I., Dem'yanov A.I., Murzin V.S., Sarycheva L.I., Sinev N.B. , Search for Heavy Particle in Hadronic Interactions 6  (10)
     Pudalov V.M., Khaikin M.S. , Oscillating Magnetostriction of Tin Single Crystal 9  (14)
     Zakatov L.P., Ivanov A.A., Plakhov A.G., Shapkin V.V. , Production of a Relativistic Plasma by Adiabatic Compression in a Plasma-beam System 10  (16)
     Zaliva V.I., Zakharov V.P. , Kinetics of the Phase Transition from the Amorphous to the Polycrystalline State in Semiconductors 14  (21)
     Aliev F.Yu., Godzhaev F.R., Kerimov I.G., Krupnikov E.S. , Temperature Oscillations of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of a Superconducting CuS Film 16  (24)
     Bokut' B.V., Kazak N.S., Mashchenko A.G., Mostovnikov V.A., Rubinov A.M. , Generation of Powerful Radiation with Variable Spectrum in the 280 - 385 nm Range 18  (26)
     Shlimak I.S., Nikulin E.I. , Conductivity of Doped Germanium at Infralow Temperatures 20  (30)
     Aranchuk L.E., Zavoiskii E.K., Lin D.N., Rudakov L.I. , Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Plasma Heating by Straight-discharge Skin Current 22  (33)
     Bir G.L., Parfen'ev R.V. Tamarin P.V. , Shubnikov - de Haas Oscillations in p-InSb 25  (36)
     Alikaev V.V., Bobrovskii G.A., Ofitserov M.M., Poznyak V.I., Razumova K.A. , Electron-cyclotron Heating in the Tokamak TM-3 Installation 27  (41)
     Parshin A.Ya., Peshkov V.P., Egiazarov B.G., Shamov A.I., Romashko V.P. , Measurement of Infralow Temperatures with the Aid of the Mossbauer Effect 30  (44)
     Nagaev E.L., Polnikov V.G. , Influence of Giant Zeeman Effect on the Dielectric Constant of an Antiferromagnetic Conductor 33  (48)
     Buts V.A. , Contribution to the Theory of Instability of Charged-particle Beams Passing Through an Inhomogeneous Medium, and Instability of Non-uniform Moving Beams 36  (52)
     Andreev A.F., Meierovich A.E. , Dragging of a Liquid by a Liquid Through a Stationary Solid Wall 39  (56)
     Afanas'ev Yu.V., Belenov E.M., Poluektov I.A. , Optical Breakdown of Molecular Gases 41  (60)
     Petukhov B.V., Pokrovskii V.L. , Tunneling of Dislocations 44  (63)
     Rakhmanov S.Ya. , New Method of Amplifying Monochromatic Ultrasound in a Semimetal 47  (66)
     Lugovoi V.N., Prokhorov A.M. , Possibility of Generating Ultrashort Light Pulses in Lasers with Small Luminescence Line Width of the Medium 49  (70)
     Artsimovich L.A., Shafranov V.D. , Tokamak with Non-round Section of the Plasma Loop 51  (72)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.