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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Borman V.D., Laz'ko V.S., Nikolaev ÷.I., Ryabov V.A., Troyan V.I. , Resonant Singularities of the Dispersion of the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of Oxygen in Parallel Constant and Alternating Magnetic Fields 123  (177)
     Antonov A.V., Balbashov A.M., Baltinskii V.A., Cnervonenkis A.Ya. , Concentric Domains in Single-crystal Orthoferrites 126  (182)
     Zaritskii A.R., Zakharov S.D., Kryukov P.G., Matveets Yu.A., Fedosimov A.I. , Changes in the Spectrum of Back-reflected Radiation in Laser Heating of a Plasma 127  (184)
     Akhmanov S.A., Kovrigin A.I., Maksimov S.A ., Ogluzdin V.E. , Dispersion of Resonant Nonlinear Susceptibility in Potassium Vapor 129  (186)
     Il'ichev N.N., Korobkin V.V., Korsliunov V.A., Malyutin A.A., Okroashvili T.G., Pashinin P.P. , Superbroadening of the Spectrum of Ultrashort Pulses in Liquids and Glasses 133  (191)
     Baibakov V.I., Datsko V.N. , Surface Waves in InSb 135  (195)
     Belokrinitskii N.S., Gnatovskii A.V., Danileiko M.V., Zakharov V.P., Kozlov A.V., Shpak M.T. , Recording of Optical Information on Amorphous films of Semiconducting Compounds 137  (198)
     Basov N.G., Berezin P.D., Blinov L.M., Kompanets I.N., Morozov V.N., Nikitin V.V. , Phase Modulation of Coherent Light with the Aid of Liquid Crystals 138  (200)
     Brandt N.B., Ioon E.R., Chudinov S.M., Yakovlev G.D. , Change of Topology of Fermi Surface in Crystals with an Additional Long Period, and Some Associated Effects 141  (204)
     Istomin Ya.N., Karpman V.I. , Nonlinear Modulation of a QuasimonochromatiÓ Packet of Whistlers in the Magnetosphere 143  (208)
     Nepomnyashchii Yu.A. , Bound States of Excitations in a Bose System with a Condensate 146  (211)
     Khalfin L.A. , High-energy Asymptotic Form of Scattering Amplitudes and Vertex Functions 149  (215)
     Baier V.N., Fadin V.S. , Inelastic Contributions to Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Pion 151  (219)
     Aminov N.M., KĎchelaev B.I. , Possibility of Occurrence of "Photon Cascade" in EPR Line Wing Saturation 156  (224)
     Zel'dovich B.Ya. , Time of Establishment of Stationary Regime of Stimulated Light Scattering 158  (226)
     Kuraev E.A., Lipatov L.N. , Total Cross Sections for the Production of Electronic and Muonic Pairs in Colliding Electron Beams 159  (229)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.