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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Belyaev Yu.N., Freidman G.I. , Trapping of Parametrically Amplified Light Waves in a KDP Crystal 165  (237)
     Styrov V.V. , Emission of Charged Particles from a Solid Surface on which a Chemical Reaction Takes Place 168  (242)
     Tsoi V.S. , Radio Frequency Size Effect in Cylindrical Indium Samples 171  (246)
     Apollonov V.V., Barchukov A.I., Konyukhov V.K., Prokhorov A.M. , ThermoelastiÓ Deformation of a Solid Surface by a Laser Beam 172  (248)
     Burchenko P.Ya., Volkov E.D., Kramskoi E.D., Longinov A.V., Miroshnichenko G.A., Nizhnik G.Ya. , High-frequency Plasma Heating in a Stellarator 174  (250)
     Gasanov L.S., Kovarskii V.Ya., Kruzhanov Yu.V., Stafeev V.I. , Magnetosensitive Injection-field Effect in Semiconductors 176  (253)
     Ekimov A.I., Safarov V.I. , Optical Detection of Dynamic Polarization of Nuclei in Semiconductors 179  (257)
     Ivanova N.S., Kulikov V.N., Yakubovskii E.A. , Upper Limit of the Content of Antinuclei in Primary Cosmic Rays 182  (261)
     Mazan'ko I.P., Petrashko G.A. , Influence of "Parasitic" Generation with Wavelength 3.39 μ on the Radiation Fluctuations of an Ne-He Laser Operating in the 0.63 μ Region 183  (263)
     Akhmanov S.A., Zhdanov B.V., Kovrigin A.I., Pershin S.M. , Effective Stimulated Scattering in the Ultraviolet and Dispersion of Gain in the 1.06 - 0.26 μ Band 185  (266)
     Kopylov V.N., Mezhov-Deglin L.P. , Influence of Sample Dimensions on the Thermoelectric Power of Bismuth at Helium Temperatures 188  (269)
     Berestov A.T., Voronel' A.V., Giterman M.Sh. , Singularities of the Diagram of State of an îĆ3-îĆ4 Mixture Due to the Hydrostatic Effect 190  (273)
     Adamyants R.A., Alekseev A.D., Kososnitsyn N.I. , Correlation Between the "Gravitational Signals" in Weber's Experiment and Solar and Terrestrial Magnetic Activity 194  (277)
     Ginzburg V.L., Usov V.V. , Concerning the Atmosphere of Magnetic Neutron Stars (Pulsars) 196  (280)
     Zel'dovich Ya.B., Ruzmaikina T.V. , Highly Excited Electronic Levels of the H2 Molecule in Astrophysics 198  (283)
     Kulish Yu.V. , Concerning One Possibility of Determining the Charge Form Factor of the Nucleon 201  (286)
     Enkovskii L.L., Il'in V.V., Kobylinskii N .A., Tutik R.S. , Argand Diagrams for the Quasipotential Amplitude of pp and p\bar{p} Scattering 202  (288)
     Terent'ev M.V. , Electromagnetic Polarizability of the Pion 204  (290)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.