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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Golyanov V.M., Demidov A.P., Mikheeva M.N., Teplov A.A. , Superconducting Transition Temperature and Structure of Molybdenum Films Doped with Carbon 257  (365)
     Glazer A.A., Potapov A.P., Tagirov R.I. , ThermographiÓ Recording on a Manganese-permalloy Film with Exchange Anisotropy 259  (368)
     Ashkinadze B.M., Rozhdestvenskii V.V. , Observation of Microwave Radiation Absorption by Electron-hole Drops in Ge and Si 261  (371)
     Balakirev M.K., Luchinin S.D. , Motion of n-InSb Electron-hole Plasma Produced by Local Impact 264  (375)
     Drabkin G.M., Kasman Ya.A., Runov V.V., Luzanin I.D., Shender E.F. , Investigation of Magnetic Phase Transition in Y3Fe5O12 267  (379)
     Gross E.F., Kreingol'd F.I., Makarov V.L. , Resonant Interaction Between Ortho- and Para-excitons with Participation of Phonons in a Cu2O Crystal 269  (383)
     Vandlik T.B., Vandlik Ya., Zaitseva N.G., Mate Z., Mahunka I., Mahunka M., Fenyes T., Tyrroff H., Jahim M. , The New Isotope Tl^189 271  (386)
     Demirkhanov R.A., Gevorkov A.K., Popov A.F., Kolmakov O.A. , Mechanism of Plasma Heating by an Electron Beam in a Mirror Trap 274  (389)
     Zasimov V.S., Kuz'min R.N., Aleksandrov A.Yu., Firov A.I. , Nuclear Quadrupole Diffraction of Resonant Gamma Radiation in a Tellurium Single Crystal 277  (394)
     Aleksandrov Yu.A., Ozerov R.P., Ranev N.V. , Electron Density in Tungsten Crystal According to Neutron-Electron Interaction Data 280  (398)
     Vdovin Yu.A., Ermachenko V.M., Popov A.I., Protsenko E.D. , Observation of fine Structure Within the Limits of Homogeneous Line Width 282  (401)
     Shafranovskaya N.N., Trifonov E.N., Lazurkin Yu.S., Frank-Kamenetskii M.D. , Long-range Migration of Electron Excitation Energy Through a DNA Molecule 285  (404)
     Sandomirskii V.B., Zhdan A.G., Messerer M.A., Gulyaev I.B. , Model of Frozen-in (Residual) Conductivity 287  (408)
     Bar'yakhtar V.G., Klepikov V.F. , Influence of Inhomogeneous States on the Paramagnetic-ferromagnetiÓ Phase Transition 289  (411)
     Handrich K., Schreiber J. , Spin Dependence of the Susceptibility and Curie Temperature of Amorphous Ferromagnets 292  (414)
     Galeev A.A., Lominadze D.G., Pataraya A.D., Sagdeev R.Z., Stepanov K.N. , Anomalous Plasma Resistance Due to Instability at Cyclotron Harmonics 294  (417)
     Bilen'kaya S.I., Bilen'kii S.M., Kazarinov Yu.M. , Scale Relation for Proton Form Factors 297  (420)
     Roitburd A.L. , Relaxation of Internal Stresses in Heterophase Systems and Phase Nucleation in Solids 300  (423)
     Achasov N.N., Shestakov G.N. , ρ0 - ω Interference in the Reactions γ N→ π+π-Δ 302  (427)
     Dal'karov O.D., Kerbikov B.O., Shapiro I.S. , Quantum Numbers and Total and Partial Widths of the Resonance N\bar{N}(1970) 305  (430)
     Dolgov A.D., Zakharov V.I., Okun' L.B. , Interpretation of Experiments on the Searches for the KS → 2μ Decay 308  (434)
     Ryazanov M.I. , Detection of Fast Particles by the Deflection of Electromagnetic Waves in a Train of Excited States of Atoms Accompanying the Particle 310  (437)
     Ivlev B.I. , Effects Connected with the Resonant Behavior of the Gap in a Superconductor 313  (441)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.