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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kovpik O.F., Kornilov E.A., Krivoruchko S.M., Moiseev S.S., Fainberg Ya.÷. , Influence of Different Types of Oscillations on Ion Heating in Plasma-beam Discharges 355  (501)
     Drabkin G.M., Noskin V.A., Yagud A.Z. , Investigation of Mass Transport of HeI in Liquid Hel by the Thermal-neutrori Method 357  (504)
     Bagaev V.S., Paduchikh L.I., Stopachinskii V.B. , Low-temperature Photoluminescence of GaAs Under Conditions of Strong Interaction of the Non-equilibrium Carriers 360  (508)
     Roinishvili N.N. , Main Factors Controlling an Inclusive Process in the Energy Interval 20 - 1500 GeV 362  (512)
     Krasnopolin I.Ya., Raj Rup, Khaikin M.S. , Anisotropy of Surface Superconductivity of Lead Single Crystals 365  (516)
     Danilov V.V., Sugakov V.I., Tychinskii A.V. , Spin-echo Enhancement by Double-frequency Pumping 368  (520)
     Voronin V.B., Naumovets A.G., Fedorus A.G. , Connection Between the Work Function and the Thickness of a Cesium Film Adsorbed on the (100) Face of Tungsten 370  (523)
     Basov N.G., Gubin M.A., Nikitin V.V., Protsenko E.D., Stepanov V.A. , Frequency Stabilisation of a Gas Laser Using Mode-interaction Effects 371  (525)
     Kotel'nikov I.N., Shul'man A.Ya. , Critical Fluctuations in an n-InSb Electron Plasma at Helium Temperatures 374  (529)
     Bazhan A.N., Kreines N. M. , Spontaneous Magnetic Moment in the Direction of the Trigonal Axis in CoCO3 377  (533)
     Vaisburd D.I., Balychev I.N. , Destruction of a Solid by Superdense Excitation of its Electronic Subsystem 380  (537)
     Rudakov L.I., Smirnov V.P., Spektor A.M. , Behavior of Large-current Electron Beam in a Dense Gas 382  (540)
     Gal'pern E.S., Lyakhovitskii V.N., Narodetskii I.M. , Separable Expansion of Three-particle Amplitudes 385  (544)
     Khalfin L.A. , CPT Invariance of CP-noninrvariant Theory of K0 and \bar{K}^0 Mesons and Permissible Mass Distributions of the KS and KL Mesons 388  (548)
     Bonch-Bruevich V.L. , Discrete Levels in Random Field of Sound Waves and a New Mechanism of Nonlinearity of the Sound Amplification Coefficient 392  (553)
     Bunkin F.V., Pashenin P.P., Prokhorov A.M. , Concerning One Possible Use of the IR Lasers for High-temperature Heating of Superdense Plasma 394  (556)
     Abramovskii V.A., Kancheli O.V. , Regge Branch Cuts and Distribution of Hadron Multiplicity at High Energy 397  (559)
     Aronov A.G., Gurevich V.L. , Quasi field in Superconductors and Increase of ôC under Non-equilibrium Conditions 400  (564)
     Barash Yu.S., Ginzburg V.L. , Contribution to ElectrodynamiÓ Theory of Van der Waals Forces Between Macroscopic Bodies 403  (567)
     Graevskii A.P., Bochagov B. A., Kupriyanova L.N. , Energy Spectrum of Neutrons of Ternary Fission of Cf252 Nuclei 407  (572)
     Levinson I.B. , Bound States of Electron, Hole, and Phonon in a Strong Magnetic Field 409  (574)
     Rashba E.I. , Theory of Bound States of Phonons with Impurity Centers and Excitons 411  (577)
     Khokhlov R.V. , Concerning the Feasibility of a γ Laser Based on Radioactive Crystals 414  (580)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.