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VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Kryukov P.G., Matveets Yu.A., Shekalin S.V., Shatverashvili O.B. , Formation of Ultrashort Laser Pulses with the Aid of a Two-component Medium 81  (117)
     Bagaev V.S., Galkina T.I., Penin N.A., Stopachinskii V.B., Churaeva M.N. , Oscillation of the Radiation of an Electron-hole Fermi Liquid in Germanium in a Strong Magnetic Field 83  (120)
     Timofeev Yu.A., Yakovlev E.N., Ageev A.N., Gurevich A.G., Ivenin A.Ya. , Splitting of the Angular Maxima of Δ H in an Yttrium Garnet with Pr Additive Under the Influence of Pressure 86  (124)
     Zuev V.A., Litovchenko V.G., Sukach G.A., Korbutyak D.V. , Observation of Radiative Recombination on the Surface of a Semiconductor (GaAs) 87  (126)
     Abdullaev G.B., Kulevskii L.A., Prokhorov A.M., Savel'ev A.D., Salaev E.Yu., Smirnov V.V. , GaSe, A New Effective Material for Nonlinear Optics 90  (130)
     Davydov V.N., Kaganov M.I. , Singularities of the Sound Attenuation Coefficient in a Phase Transition of Order 2.5 92  (133)
     Govor G.A., Sirota N.N. , Investigation of Magnetic Transition in Manganese Arsenide Under the Influence of Light Pulses 95  (137)
     Galanin M. D., Khan-Magometova Sh.D., Chizhikova Z.A. , Superluminescence in Anthracene Crystals 97  (141)
     Kogan B.Ya., Volkov V.M., Lebedev S .A. , Superluminescence and Generation of Stimulated Radiation Under Internal-reflection Condition 100  (144)
     Fanchenko S.D., Frolov B.A. , Picosecond Structure of the Emission of a Laser with a Nonlinear Absorber 101  (147)
     Barkov L.M., Gurevich I.I., Makar'ina L.A., Martem'yanov V.P., Mishakova A.P., Ogurtsov V.V., Surkova L.V., Tarasenkov; V.G., Fesenko A.I., Khakimov S.Kh., Shernysheva L.A., Chueva S.A. , Concerning the Measurement of the Magnetic Coment of thi Λ0 Hyperon 104  (151)
     Silin V.A. , Stimulated Raman Scattering in Microwaves in a Layer of Collisionless Plasma 105  (153)
     Braginskii V.B., Manukin A.B., Popov E.I., Rudenko V.N., Khorev A.A. , Search for Gravitational Radiation of Extraterrestrial Origjn 108  (157)
     Morokhovskii V.L., Kovalenko G.D., Grishaev I.A., Fisun A.N., Kasilov V.I, Shramenko B.I., Krinitsyn A.N. , Channeling of Positrons of 1 GeV Energy 112  (162)
     Tarasenko V. F., Ovchinnikov S.S., Kalinichenko S.S., Kurilko P.I., Shvets O.M., Tolok V.T. i - , High-freguency Heating of a Plasma Under Conditions of Ion-ion Hybrid Resonance 114  (165)
     Rogachev A.A., Eristavi G.L. , Exciton Plasma Resonance in Semiconductors 116  (168)
     Kalashnikov S.G., Morozov A.I., Zemlyanitsyn M.A. , Alternating Acoustoelectric Effect in a Piezodielectric-semiconductor Layered Structure 118  (170)
     Belov K.P., Mamsurova D.G., Mill' B.V., Sokolov V.I. , Ferrimagnetism of the Garnet Mn3Cr2Ge3O12 120  (173)
     Khalatnikov I.M., Matveev Yu.A. , Absorption of First Sound in Superfluid Helium Near T=0 123  (177)
     Makeev V.V., Nevskii P.L., Nikitin Yu.P., Rozhnov G.V., Sokolov A.A. , Production in a Neutrino Beam 125  (180)
     Azbel' M.Ya. , The inverse Problem for DNA 128  (183)
     Cheremisin S.M. , Low-frequency Cyclotron Resonance in an Ideal Mettalic Crystal 131  (186)
     Isaev P.S., Khlaskov V. I. , Scattering of Light by Light 134  (190)
     Galeev A.A., Oraevskii V.N., Sagdeev R.Z. , Anomalous Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation at Double the Plasma Frequency 136  (194)
     Shapiro I.S. , Quantum Theory without the Superposition Principle 139  (197)
     Kondratyuk L.A., Kopeliovich V.B. , Electromagnetic Contributions of the Difference of the Total Cross Sections for the Scattering of Particles and Antiparticles at High Energies 142  (201)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.