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VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Aleksandrov A.Yu., Ionov S.I., Baltrunas D.A., Makarov E.F. , Cooperative Tunnel Effect in Semiconducting Antimony Compounds Having a Mixed Valence 147  (209)
     Askar'yan G.A., Diyanov Kh.A., Mukhamadzhanov M. , Elimination of Self Collapse of a Powerful Beam in a Nonlinear Medium With the Aid of a Raster - Multipie Waveguide Energy Propagation Diffraction Grating in a Nonlinear Medium 149  (211)
     Vedeneev S.I ., Golovashkin A. I., Motulevich G.P. , Low-frequency Maxima of the Density of State of Phonons Harmonics and Subharmonics of the Energy Gap of Nb3Sn 152  (216)
     Zharov V.F., Malinovskii V.K., Neganov Yu.S., Chumak G.M. , Effectiveness of Excitation of Lasing in an F2 + H2 Mixture by a Beam of Relativistic Electrons 154  (219)
     Zuev V.S., Kormer S.B., Mikheev L.D., Sinitsyn M.V., Sobel'man I.I., Startsev G.I. , Onset of Inversion in the 1Σg+3Σg- Transition of Molecular Su'phur Following the Photodissociation of COS 157  (222)
     Levitin R.Z., Popov Yu.F, Chistyakov O.D., Yakovenko V.L. , Nature of Magnetostriction of Dysprosium and of its Alloys with Gadolinium 158  (224)
     Gershenzon E.M., Gol'tsman G.N ., Ptitsina N.G. , Observation of the Free-exciton Spectrum at Submillimeter Wavelengths 161  (228)
     Pavlov D.W., Parshin A.Ya., Peshkov V.P., Egiazarov B.G., Shamov A.I., Romashko V.P. , Mossbauer Thermometer Uising Sn119 Nuclei in the Millidegree Region 163  (231)
     Al'tshuler S.A., Aukhadeev F.L., Valeev I.I., Konov I.S., Malkin B.Z., Teplov M.A. , NMR in Paramagnetic Terbium Ethyl Sulfate and in Antiferromagnetic Terbium Trifluoride 164  (233)
     Grasyuk A.Z., Zubarev I. G., Suyazov N.V. , Influence of Spectral Line Width of Exciting Radiation on the Gain in Stimulated Scattering 166  (237)
     Vereshchagin L.F., Yakovlev E.N., Stepanov G.N., Bibaev K.Kh., Vinogradov B.V. , 2.5 Megabar Pressure in Anvils Made of Carbonado Type Diamond 169  (240)
     Sirota N.l., Gostishchev V.I., Drozd A.A. , Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum in Strong Magnetic Fields at Low Temperatures 170  (242)
     Fugol' I.Ya., Savchenko E.V., Belov A.G. , Luminescence of Solid Neon 172  (245)
     Gendenshtein L.E., Kaidalov A.G. , Spectra of Partitles and Antiparticles in the Central Region 174  (249)
     Avdeeva G.M., Migdal A.A. , Equation of state in (4 - \varepsilon)-Dimensional Ising Model 178  (253)
     Gantmakher V. F. , Effect of Collisions with Phonons on the Dingle Temperature for Quantum Oscillations 180  (256)
     Kompaneets A.S., Romanova V.I., Yampol'skii P.A. , Conversion from Shock to Isentropic Compression 183  (259)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.