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VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Mavrin B.N., Sterin Kh.E. , Fermi Resonance of Polariton with Biphonon in an LiNbO3 Crystal 187  (265)
     Krinchik G.S., Krylova V.A. , Equatorial Kerr Effect in Iron Garnets 188  (267)
     Ashkinadze B.M., Sultanov F.K. , Investigation of the Metal-dielectric Transition in Ge and Si by a Microwave Method 190  (271)
     Plakchtii V.P., Golosovskii I.V., Duryashev V.A., Smirnov O.P. , Magnetic Ordering in Garnets with Divalent Nickel and Cobalt Ions in an Octahedral Lattice 194  (276)
     Zhdanov M . G., Zil'berman P. E ., Kagan M.S., Kalashnikov S.G. , Dynamic Negative Conductivity Due to Nonlinearity of the Current Voltage Characteristic and to the Finite Electric-conductivity Relaxation Time 196  (279)
     Ozerov R.P., Fadeeva N.V. , Magntetic Structure of the Antiferromagnetic Garnet NaCa2Co2V3)12 198  (282)
     Grigor'ev F.V., Kormer S.B., Mikhailova.O.L., Tolochko A.P., Urlin V.D. , Experimental Determination of the Compressibility of Hydrogen at Densities 0.5- 2 g/cm3 Metallization of Hydrogen 201  (286)
     Altukhov P.O., Dite A.F., Revenko V.I., Timofeev V.B., Fain V.M. , Degeneracy of Exciton Gas Following Powerful Optical Excitation in CdS Crystal 204  (291)
     Azbel' M.Ya., Pavlov S.D., Gamalya I.A., Vereshchagin A.N. , Experimental Determination of the Angular Dependence of the Electron Reflection Coefficient 207  (295)
     Romanov G.N., Shakhidzhanov S.S. , Amplification of Electromagnetic Field in Total Internal Reflection from a Region of Inverted Population 209  (298)
     Basov N.G., Oreavsklii A.N., Suchkov A.F. , Possibiliity of Generating Ultrashort Laser Pulses on Combination Vibrational - rotational Transitions of Molecular Hydrogen 211  (301)
     Almazov L.A., Vasko F.T., Dykman I.M. , Influence of Carrier Drift on the Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave in a Solid-state Plasma 214  (305)
     Pustovalov V.V., Silin V.P. , Stationary Turbulence of a Parametrically Unstable Plasma 216  (308)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.