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VOLUME 19 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Zakharov V.E., Musher S.L., Rubenchik A.M., Nonlinear stage of parametric wave excitation in a plasma 151  (249)
     Mints R.G., Spin resonance and Knight shift in superconductors 152  (253)
     Beneslavskii S.D., Brandt N.B., Golyamina E.M., Chudnov S.M., Yakovlev G.D., Magnetic freeze-out in semiconducting BiSb alloys 154  (256)
     Vinogradova N.D., Razumova K.A., Role of diaphragm in the particle balance in a tokamak 156  (261)
     Aleksandrov I.V., Bobovich Ya.S. Maslov V.G., Form of the tensor of spontaneous Raman scattering 157  (264)
     Karimov Yu. S., Novikov Yu. N., Phase transitions in a two-dimensional ferromagnet with "easy-plane" anisotropy 159  (268)
     Shafran'osh I.I., Aleksakhin I.S., Zapesochnyi I.P., Investigation of the excitation of strontium atoms by electron impact from metastable states 161  (271)
     Shlyuger I.S., Self-modulation of a powerful electromagnetic pulse reflected from the upper layers of the ionosphere 162  (274)
     Reznikov V.G., Anomalous change of Young's modulus in superplasticity 163  (277)
     Vardanyan R.A., Lisitsyn S.G., Oscillations of the phase of the order parameter upon propagation of sound in a superconductor 164  (279)
     Aronov A.G., Gal'perin Yu. M., Thermoelectric power and nonstationary Josephson effect in S-N-S structures 165  (281)
     Berezovskii E.L., Kislyakov A.I., Mikhailov E.A., Investigation of the plasma density distribution in the "Tuman-2" installation by the method of active corpuscular diagnostics 166  (283)
     Bol'shov L.A., Dreizin Yu. A., Dykhne A.M., Spontaneous magnetization of electronic thermal conductivity in a laser plasma 168  (288)
     Al'terkop B.A., Mishin E.V., Rukhadze A.A., Contribution to the theory of the magnetic instability of a laser plasma 170  (291)
     Askar'yan G.A., Diyanov Kh. A., Mukhamadzhanov M.A., Supression of nonlinear processes of stimulated scattering beam collapse, and breakdown of the medium during beam scanning: Self-focusing of "strolling beams" 172  (295)
     Baltakov F.N., Barikhin B.A., Sukhanov L.V., 400-J pulsed laser using a solution of rhodamine-6G in ethanol 174  (300)
     Bunkin F.V., New branch of laser physics-Optothermodynamics 175  (302)
     Kostryukova M.O., Sedova L.P., Specific heat of alloys of the system NixMn1-xCl2 at low temperatures 177  (306)
     Gornov M.G., Ponosov A.K., Protasov V.P., Sergeev P.M., Correlations in a doubly inclusive nuclear reaction 179  (311)
     Mandzhavidze I.D., Close correlations in the Regge model 180  (314)
     Belavin A.A., Migdal A.A., Calculation of anomalous dimensionalities in non-Abelian field gauge theories 181  (317)
     Linde A.D., Is the Lee constant a cosmological constant? 183  (320)
     Vainshtein A.I., Khriplovich I.B., Radiative corrections to leptonic decays of hadrons in renormalizable models of weak interactions 184  (323)
     Migdal A.B., Kirichenko N.A., Sorokin G.A., Effect of a condensate on the properties of nuclei 185  (326)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.