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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bredikhin S.I., Shmurak S.Z., Deformation-stimulated emission of ZnS crystals 367  (709)
Andreev A.F., Contribution to the theory of Rayleigh scattering of light in liquids 368  (713)
Dreizin Yu.A., Dykhne A.M., Self-oscillating instability of fast-flow lasers using unstable resonators 371  (718)
Kagan Yu. , Suppression of the Mossbauer line broadening due to inhomogeneous isomeric shift 373  (722)
Krylov I.P., Wave resistance of indium in the intermediate state 375  (726)
Rudakov L.I., Strong Langmuir turbulence, turbulent plasma heating by electron beams, and laser compression of matter 376  (729)
Zakharchenya V.P., Kompan M.E., Fleisher V.G., Magnetization of semiconductors with light and NMR in optical pumping in a transverse field 378  (734)
Latyshev Yu.I., Nad' F.Ya., Frequency dependence of superconductivity stimulated by a high-frequency field in film bridges 380  (737)
Bulaeyskii L.N., Guseinov A.A., Positive curvature in the dependence of Hc2 on T in layered semiconductors-consequence of Josephson interaction between layers 382  (742)
Akinfiev N.N., Basov N.G., Galochkin V.T., Zavorotnyi S.I., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N., Pankratov A.V., Chemical laser initiated by IR radiation 383  (745)
Litvinov V.F., Molochev V.I., Morozov V.N., Nikitin V.V., Semenov A.S., Dynamic instability of a semiconductor laser at low temperatures 384  (747)
Pushkarov D.I., Concerning impuriton diffusion in solid H4 386  (751)
Dryuma V.S., Analytic solution of the two-dimensional Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation 387  (753)
Il'ina A.N., Il'in V.D., Determination of the critical value of the adiabaticity parameter for electrons moving near the midplane of a magnetic bottle 388  (755)
Bakhorin V.A., Korobkin Yu.V., Markin A.S., Prokhindeev A.V., Single-frequency traveling-wave neodymium-glass laser with active Q switching 389  (758)
Revokatov O.P., Gangardt M.G., Parfenov S.V., "Gaslike character" of rotational motion of SF6 molecules in a liquid 391  (761)
Cherepanov V.M., Yakimov S.S., Investigation of the critical behavior of yttrium orthoferrite YFeO3 with the aid of the Mossbauer effect 392  (764)
Gorshkov V.G., Labzovskii L.I., Effects of parity nonconservation in heavy ions 394  (768)
Gaisak M.I., Lend'el V.I., Description of low-energy π N scattering in a nonlinear chiral Lagrangian 396  (772)
Arefev A.V., Bayukov Yu.D., Efremenko V.I., Zaitsev Yu.M., Leksin F.A., Suchkov D.A., Khasanov P.M., Estimate of the backward elastic π- d scattering cross section at 3.7 GeV/c 397  (775)
Baranov P.S., Buinov G.M., Godin V.G., Kuznetsova V.A., Petrun'kin V.A., Tatarinskaya L.S., Shirchenko V.S., Shtarkov L.N., Yurchenko V.V., Yanulis Yu.P., Elastic scattering of low-energy photons by protons, and electromagnetic polarizability of the proton 398  (777)
Bayukov Yu.D., Vorob'ev L.S., Kolganova E.D., Leksin G.A., Rabin N.V., Stolin V.L., Fedorov V.B., Universal description of the spectra of the Li8 nuclei emitted by emulsion nuclei by bombardment with high-energy particles 399  (781)
Lemberg I.Kh., Pasternak A.A., New method of investigating the electronic and ion-atomic mechanisms of stopping heavy ions in matter 401  (784)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.