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VOLUME 20 | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 115
Observation of plasma satellites of x-ray lines of multiply charged ions and measurement of the density \sim 10^{23} in conical cumulation of a laser plasma
We observed the presence of short-wave satellites of the resonance lines of the heliumlike ions Mg XI, ΑΙ XII, Ρ XIV, and S XV in conical cumulation of a laser plasma. For composite targets with 80% CD2 + 20% P, in the case of cumulation of a plasma in a conical depression, we registered in 30% of the laser flashes thermal neutrons with a total ~ 103 per pulse. A special experiment, in which the registration was carried out simultaneously by three spectrographs in three projections, has shown that the form of the spectrum does not depend on the registration direction. The presence of such a short-wave satellite is interpreted as emission of a plasma satellite shifted by an amount equal to the Langmuir frequency relative to the frequency of the forbidden transition ls2'S0-ls2s'S0. This interpretation gives for the maximum electron density in the cumulated plasma a value from 6xl022 to 1.8X10".