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VOLUME 20 | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 144
Possibility of antiscreening effect in the scattering of high-energy leptons by nuclei
The scattering of leptons by nuclei in the deep-inelastic region is considered within the framework of the parton model. It is shown that at χ = x0«< 0.5-0.1, the parton model leads to a unique antiscreening effect, i.e., the cross section for the interaction with the nucleus exceeds the sum of the cross sections for interaction with the nucleons making up the nucleons by about 10%. It is shown that in the integral total cross section the effects of diffraction scattering and antiscreening should cancel out so that, e.g., the total cross section for the scattering of a neutrino by a nucleus is equal to the sum of the cross sections for the interaction with the nucleons.