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VOLUME 92 (2010) | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 346
Phase transition between {\bf (2\times 1)} and {\bf c(8\times 8)} reconstructions observed on the Si(001) surface around 600°C
The Si(001) surface subjected to different treatments in ultrahigh vacuum molecular beam epitaxy chamber for SiO2 film decomposition has been in situ investigated by reflected high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) and high resolution scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). A transition between (2\times 1) and (4\times 4) RHEED patterns was observed. The (4\times 4) pattern arose at T \lesssim 600^{\circ}C during sample posttreatment cooling. The reconstruction was observed to be reversible. The c(8\times 8) structure was revealed by STM at room temperature on the same samples. The (4\times 4) patterns have been evidenced to be a manifestation of the c(8\times 8) surface structure in RHEED. The phase transition appearance has been found to depend on thermal treatment conditions and sample cooling rate.