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VOLUME 92 (2010) | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 590
Penetration of hot electrons through a cold disordered wire
We study a penetration of an electron with high energy E\gg T through strongly disordered wire of length L\gg a (a being the localization length). Such an electron can loose, but not gain the energy, when hopping from one localized state to another. We have found a distribution function for the transmission coefficient {\cal T}. The typical {\cal T} remains exponentially small in L/a, but with the decrement, reduced compared to the case of direct elastic tunnelling: \overline{\ln{\cal T}}\approx 0.237\cdot 2L/a. The distribution function has a strong tail in the domain of anomalously high {\cal T}; the average \overline{{\cal T}}\propto (a/L)^{2} is controlled by rare configurations of disorder, corresponding to this tail.