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VOLUME 93 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 331
The LPM air showers initiated by UHE neutrinos and their detection by the satellite-based experiment
The Ultra-High-Energy(UHE) atmospheric showers with strong influence of the Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal(LPM) effect (here after LPM-showers) are exclusively expected to be produced by UHE neutrinos. Studies on the characteristics of the LPM-showers are essentially important to discriminate neutrino-shower (which produced by neutrino interaction) from hadronic shower (initiated by primary hadron). We calculate the LPM-showers initiated by electrons with energies of 1018 eV to 1021 eV, using the hybrid method as exactly as possible. Reflecting the change in the air density along the shower trajectories, the variety of the LPM-shower profiles is shown in different cases for their starting points in atmosphere. Through the study of time profiles of air fluorescent photon components from the LPM-showers, the detection capability of UHE neutrinos has also been investigated by the satellite-based experiment with a large acceptance, e.g., the TUS experiment.