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VOLUME 95 (2012) | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 643
Staggered Spin Order of Localized π-electrons in the Insulating State of the Organic Conductor κ-(BETS)2Mn[N(CN)2]3
Magnetic properties of the conduction π-electron system of κ-(BETS)2Mn[N(CN)2]3 have been probed using 13C NMR. At ambient pressure, the metal-insulator transition observed in the resistivity measurements below T\simeq23 K is shown to be accompanied by ordering of the π-spins in a long-range staggered structure. As the metal-insulator transition is suppressed by applying a small pressure of \sim 0.5 kbar, the π-spin system maintains the properties of the metallic state down to 5 K.