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VOLUME 97 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 718
Some comments on superfluid 3He placed in globally deformed aerogel
New experimental results focused on the behavior of the superfluid A-like phase placed in globally deformed aerogel environment are considered. We compare experimental data collected by using optically attested axially stretched silica aerogel, on the one hand, and "nematically ordered" aerogel consisting of nearly parallel Al2O3•H2O polymer strands, on the other. In the case of axially stretched silica aerogel the point of view was adopted according to which the orbital anisotropy axis \hat{\text{l}} is long-ranged. The experiments were carried out by pulsed NMR techniques in keeping the direction of an externally applied magnetic field normal to aerogel stretching axis. We have generalized the dipole-locked configuration for arbitrary angle of inclination of the magnetic field with respect to aerogel stretching axis. The experimental data collected in using "nematically ordered" aerogel can't be reconciled with above-mentioned results.