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VOLUME 97 (2013) | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 742
The distorted axi-planar superfluid phase of 3He in the "nematically ordered" aerogel
Stimulated by the results of NMR experiments with superfluid 3He in "nematically ordered" aerogel (R. Sh. Askhadullin, V. V. Dmitriev, D. A. Krasnikhin et al., Pis`ma v ZHETF, 95, 355 (2012)) we report on the results of phenomenological analysis of stability of different phases of superfluid 3He subjected to a strong homogeneous uniaxial anisotropy. On a basis of this analysis we suggest a form of the order parameter for the new ESP2 phase observed in the quoted experiments. In the weak coupling limit the suggested order parameter approaches that of the axi-planar phase. We discuss a possible experimental check of the proposed identification of the new phase.