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VOLUME 99 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 669
Macroscopic approach to the Casimir friction force
The general formula is derived for the vacuum friction force between two parallel perfectly flat planes bounding two material media separated by a vacuum gap and moving relative to each other with a constant velocity \mathbf{v}. The material media are described in the framework of macroscopic electrodynamics whereas the nonzero temperature and dissipation are taken into account by making use of the Kubo formulae from non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics. The formula obtained provides a rigorous basis for calculation of the vacuum friction force within the quantum field theory methods in the condensed matter physics. The revealed v-dependence of the vacuum friction force proves to be the following: for zero temperature (T=0) it is proportional to (v/c)3 and for T>0 this force is linear in v/c.