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VOLUME 100 | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 30
Anomalous spin relaxation and quantum criticality in Mn1-xFexSi solid solutions1)
We report results of the high frequency (60 GHz) electron spin resonance (ESR) study of the quantum critical metallic system Mn1- xFexSi. The ESR is observed for the first time in the concentration range 0 < x < 0.24 at temperatures up to 50 K. The application of the original experimental technique allowed carrying out line shape analysis and finding full set of spectroscopic parameters, including oscillating magnetization, line width and g factor. The strongest effect of iron doping consists in influence on the ESR line width and spin relaxation is marked by both violation of the classical Korringa-type relaxation and scaling behavior. Additionally, the non-Fermi-liquid effects in the temperature dependence of the ESR line width, which may be quantitatively described in the theory of Wölfle and Abrahams, are observed at quantum critical points x^{*} \sim 0.11 and x_{c} \sim 0.24.

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