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VOLUME 100 (2014) | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 747
Anisotropic 2D Larkin-Imry-Ma state in polar distorted ABM phase of 3He in "nematically ordered" aerogel
We present results of experiments in superfluid phases of 3He confined in aerogel which strands are nearly parallel to one another. High temperature superfluid phases of 3He in this aerogel (ESP1 and ESP2) are biaxial chiral phases and have polar distorted ABM order parameter which orbital part forms 2D Larkin-Imry-Ma state. We demonstrate that this state can be anisotropic if the aerogel is squeezed in direction transverse to the strands. Values of this anisotropy in ESP1 and ESP2 phases are different, what leads to different NMR properties.