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VOLUME 102 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 811
Germanium-vacancy color center in isotopically enriched diamonds synthesized at high pressures1)
We report on the high-pressure synthesis of novel nano- and microcrystalline diamonds with germanium-vacancy (Ge-V) color centers emitting at 602 nm. The synthesis was carried out in non-metallic growth systems C-H-Ge and C-H-O-Ge enriched with germanium and carbon isotopes. We demonstrate germanium and carbon isotope shifts in the fine structure of the luminescence, which allows us to unambiguously associate the center with the germanium impurity entering into the diamond lattice. We show that there are two ground-state energy levels with the separation of 0.7 meV and two excited-state levels separated by 4.6 meV in the electronic structure of the center and suggest a split-vacancy structure of this center. High-intensity and narrow-line emission of high-pressure synthesized small diamonds with Ge-V centers makes them promising candidates for single-photon emitters.

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