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VOLUME 102 (2015) | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 853
Magneto-optical signature of broken mirror symmetry of two-dimensional conductors
An unusual aspect of macroscopic electrodynamics of two-dimensional mirror-odd conducting structures bound up with the band spin-orbit coupling Hso=α( p×)• σ of current carriers (where  c is one of two nonequivalent normals to a given structure) is pointed out. Namely, it is shown that due to the spin-orbit coupling the presence of the in-plane magnetic field  H0 gives rise to a dependence of the reflection/transmission amplitudes on the structure orientation  c, the wave-vector of the incident radiation  q, and  H0 of the form  q•( c×0). This  q- and  H0-odd dependence can be the foundation of the optical way to determine the value of the spin-orbit coupling α.