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VOLUME 103 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 417
Coherent control of Kerr nonlinearity via double dark resonances (DDRs)
A theoretical scheme for enhanced Kerr nonlinearity is proposed in a four-level ladder-type atomic system based on double dark resonances (DDRs). We solve the relevant density matrix equations in steady state and utilize the perturbation theory to obtain the analytical expressions for the third order susceptibility of the atomic system. The influence of system parameters on behavior of the first and third order susceptibilities is then discussed. In particular, it is found that an enhanced Kerr nonlinearity with reduced linear and nonlinear absorption is obtained around zero probe detuning under the slow light condition through proper adjusting the laser field intensity and frequency detuning of driving fields. The dressed state analysis is employed to explain the physical origin of the obtained result. The obtained results may be important for all-optical signal processing and quantum information technology.