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VOLUME 103 (2016) | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 697
The decays \boldsymbol{\tau \rightarrow (\eta,\eta')K^{-}\nu_{\tau}} in the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model
The decays \tau \rightarrow (\eta,\eta')K^{-}\nu_{\tau} are described in the framework of the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model. Both full and differential widths of these decays are calculated. The vector and scalar channels are considered. In the vector channel, the subprocesses with the intermediate K*(892) and K*(1410) mesons play the main role. In the scalar channel, the subprocesses with the intermediate K0*(800) and K0*(1430) mesons are taken into account. The scalar channel gives an insignificant contribution to the full width of the decay \tau 
\rightarrow \eta K^{-} \nu_{\tau}. The obtained results are in satisfactory agreement with the experimental data. The prediction for the width of the process \tau \rightarrow \eta' K^{-} \nu_{\tau} is made.