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VOLUME 103 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 720
First evidence for a Sm 3+-type contribution to the magnetic form factor in the quasielastic spectral response of intermediate valence SmB6
The momentum transfer dependence of the magnetic form factor associated with the quasielastic spectral component in the dynamic magnetic response of intermediate valence SmB6 has been measured using inelastic neutron scattering on a double-isotope (154Sm, 11B) single crystal. The experimental dependence differs qualitatively from those obtained earlier for the inelastic signals, as well as from the field-induced magnetic form factor of SmB6 obtained by polarized neutron diffraction. This observation is interpreted by specifically considering the Curie-type contributions to the dynamic susceptibility, which arise from the mixing of 4f5 and 4f6 J-multiplets into the intermediate valence state wave function.