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VOLUME 105 (2017) | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 235
Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of transition metal doped ReS2 monolayer
Magnetic properties of transition-metal (TM) atoms (TM = Co, Cu, Mn, Fe, and Ni) doped ReS2 monolayer are investigated by first-principles calculations. It is found that magnetism appears in the cases of Co, Fe, and Ni. Among all the samples, the Co-doped system has the largest magnetic moment. Therefore, we further study the interaction in the two-Co-doped system. Our results show that the interaction between two Co atoms is always ferromagnetic (FM), but such FM interaction is obviously depressed by the increasing Co-Co distance, which is well described by a simple Heisenberg model based on the Zener theory. Our results provide useful insight for promising applications of TM-doped ReS2 monolayer in the future.