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VOLUME 105 (2017) | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 236
Kinetics of local "magnetic" moment and non-stationary spin-polarized current in the single impurity Anderson-model
We perform theoretical investigation of the localized state dynamics in the presence of interaction with the reservoir and Coulomb correlations. We analyze kinetic equations for electron occupation numbers with different spins taking into account high order correlation functions for the localized electrons. We reveal that in the stationary state electron occupation numbers with the opposite spins always have the same value - the stationary state is a "paramagnetic" one. "Magnetic" properties can appear only in the non-stationary characteristics of the single-impurity Anderson model and in the dynamics of the localized electrons second order correlation functions. We found, that for deep energy levels and strong Coulomb correlations, relaxation time for initial "magnetic" state can be several orders larger than for "paramagnetic" one. So, long-living "magnetic" moment can exist in the system. We also found non-stationary spin polarized currents flowing in opposite directions for the different spins in the particular time interval.