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VOLUME 107 (2018) | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 191
Volume-charged cones on a liquid interface in an electric field
In this study we explore a novel type of slender conical liquid meniscus arisen in high electric field which carries surface charge and net bulk charge of opposite sign. Stability of such dissipative structure is ensured by the balance between capillary and electrostatic forces and competition between the surface and bulk electric currents. The bulk charge is governed by the applied voltage being generated by the electric field of the cone due to dissociation/associations reactions at its apex. The effect of the physical parameters of the liquid on the micro-cone structure is elucidated. It is shown that the cone angle can not exceed a critical value which is a function of dielectric permittivity of the liquid. The electric current through the cone is found to be proportional to the square of the applied voltage. The obtained results can be applied for analysis of atomization processes of various liquids.