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VOLUME 108 (2018) | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 3
Production of 149Tb in nuclear reactions induced by alpha-particles
149Tb is the only known isotope decaying both by emission of alpha-particles and positrons. This unique feature makes it possible to unite in one radionuclide two main tools of nuclear medicine: cancer therapy by α-particles and diagnostics using positron emission tomography. The existing ways of production of 149Tb are far from being practical. In this paper a simulation of the excitation functions of the nuclear reactions 151Eu(α,6n)149Tb and 153E(α,8n)149Tb was carried out. The cross-sections in the maxima (approximately 65 and 80 MeV correspondingly) are predicted to reach one barn, and the targets could be made from natural Europium. Thus these reactions can serve as a basis of a new promising technology for production of 149Tb isotope for use in a modern field of nuclear medicine, theranostics.