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VOLUME 109 | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 507
Distributions of charged particles' transverse momentum and pseudorapidity in pp collisions at 0.9 TeV
We have studied the charged particles spectra for the pseudorapidity region of |η|<2.5, the multiplicity of charged particles, its dependence on pT as well as on η and the relationship between average pT and charged particles multiplicity in pp collisions at \sqrt{s}=0.9 TeV. For simulations, we have used EPOS-LHC, EPOS-1.99, QGSJETII-04 and SIBYLL-2.3c models and compared their predictions with the experimental data of ATLAS experiment. For the pT distribution, predictions of the Sibyll-2.3c are matching with the experimental data in a region of 0.5<pT<0.8 GeV/c and EPOS-1.99 model results are near to the experimental data for 0.5<pT<1.5 GeV/c. For the case of average pT, EPOS-LHC and Sibyll-2.3c predictions are closer to the experimental data. For the pseudorapidity charged particle density distributions QGSJETII-04 model predictions are better describing the experimental data.