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VOLUME 111 | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 813
Second-harmonic voltage responce for the magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
We experimentally investigate longitudinal and transverse second-harmonic voltage response to ac electrical current for a magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2. In contrast to the previously observed Berry-curvature induced non-linear Hall effect for non-magnetic Weyl and Dirac semimetals, the second-harmonic transverse voltage demonstrates sophisticated interplay of different effects for Co3Sn2S2. In high magnetic fields, it is of Seebeck-like square-B law, while the low-field behavior is found to be linear and sensitive to the direction of sample magnetization. The latter can be expected both for the non-linear Hall effect and for the surface state contribution to the Seebeck effect in Weyl semimetals. Thus, thermoelectric effects are significant in Co3Sn2S2, unlike non-magnetic Weyl and Dirac materials.